Saturday, 16 November 2013

Kim Kardashian: Botox Overload Or Stunning?

Kim has admitted to using Botox before, but more recently it appears that she’s been doing more than just sampling. Tell us what you think — does Kim look striking or frozen?

Kim Kardashian hasn’t been shy about using Botox in the past — she even got injections on a 2010 episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians. Three years later her face is looking tighter and more wrinkle-free than ever. Is she overdoing it with Botox or is her recent appearance just a case of an amazing makeup job?

Kim Kardashian: Too Much Botox?

Stepping out most recently for a dinner with a girlfriend in Los Angeles, Kim was looking fierce — or maybe she was looking frozen? Her skin was completely smooth, and the only thing more striking than her dark eye makeup was the fact that there wasn’t a single hint of any wrinkles.
Her facial expressions also seemed to be a tad subdued compared to the wide smile we’re used to seeing her flash.
Kim is no stranger to Botox, which is okay — the injections aren’t really bad unless they’re overused. Unfortunately, Kim may be reaching that tipping point.

Kim Kardashian Trying Hard To Look Good

The new mom is clearly concerned with looking her best while stepping back into the spotlight after giving birth in June. She’s talked about how she wants to prove all the haters wrong by looking as sexy as possible. “This is my middle finger to the world,” Kim told Jay Leno about her Oct. 17 butt-baring selfie, suggesting that her sexy appearance is her revenge.
But she may be overly consumed by the desire to look her best. Which really isn’t necessary — Kim’s a natural beauty.