Sunday, 14 December 2014

Jamaica's MP Lisa Hanna Posted Photos of herself wearing swimwear on social media account it was dubbed inappropriate by followers and fans of the beauty

Hanna in her swim wear on the beach in Westmoreland - via Facebook. Photo credit: Alexander Panton

KINGSTON, Jamaica:
The Youth and Culture Minister Lisa Hanna has been getting compliments and condemnation from social media users after posting a photograph of herself on the beach clad in swimwear.

Hanna posted the picture, captured by her son, Alexander Panton, last week after the Reggae Marathon in Westmoreland. 

It shows her in a two-piece swim orange suit and a blouse bearing a image of Reggae legend, Bob Marley. 

On Facebook, there have been more than 1,200 responses to the photo about which the group 'Real Change for Jamaica - Discussion Forum' has asked whether the Cabinet Minister’s wearing of a bikini at a beach was 'appropriate'. 

Among those responding was Opposition Senator, Marlene Malahoo Forte. 

“No need to be uncharitable to our Miss World. She is appropriately attired for the beach,” said Malahoo Forte. 

But Patrick Gore was unsettled: "@ Marlene Malahoo: Are you saying this picture of Minister Lisa Hanna, placed on a public page on social media, is appropriate for the office she holds?" he questioned. 

Andrea Barrett
Whats wrong with she wearing swim suit to parliament???? Isn't the attire appropriate for the place she is at????? oh please!!!!!!!! 

Edwin Walton 
A little too revealing for a lady in her position, extremely beautiful no doubt but remember, she is the minister... and should be setting an example for the young ladies to look up to her. 

Annette Apple Green 
"The minister does not seem too acutely aware of her public persona... very nice but i think she should resist the urge to display these photos." 

Corinne Matheson 
Sorry at my age I never have that physique. I wouldn't have on anything. Leave her alone let she show it off, cho, every damn thing bother oonu 

Don Crichton 
Minister... I hardly noticed the bikini ... what I am seeing is a woman who is in a very powerful place mentally... and more importantly .. Spiritually. 

Keddy-ann Batson 
Mi say I don't know what do some people. You can't please them....she's at the beach for god sakes. 

Melonie Scarlett Shantelle 
Mad dem Lisa, mad dem! #annoyedatthehumanrace 

Journalist, Dionne JacksonMiller ‏@djmillerJA 

Would be nice if people paid as much attention to Lisa Hanna's policies & plans in her Ministry as what she wears, same for any other Minister 

Ms. MooreTalk ‏@mooremayhem 
Jamaican government signs deals that compromise national sovereignty: No comment. Lisa Hanna posts a swimsuit pic: national emergency. Really? 

Leighton ‏@UpperKlassE 
Lisa Hanna should have worn a three-piece formal suit to the beach. 

Not much of a controversy at all. Just straight up beauty from head to toe! Great going and thanks for the gym life motivation #whoop 

People can be so damn bad mind and stupid. The lady is at the beach. She is wearing a bathing suit 

Fox News journalist Dominic Di-Natale dead at 43


The coroner in Jefferson County, Colo., where Di-Natale owned property, said the veteran journalist took his own life. Officials discovered Di-Natale's body Wednesday after being alerted by a friend who knew of his state of mind regarding serious undisclosed health issues.
Di-Natale, 43, a versatile reporter comfortable at the keyboard or in front of the camera, began his career as a magazine writer in Portugal in 1989, making a name for himself with his fearless coverage of the European drug trade. He returned to the United Kingdom in 1995, where he did freelance work for several national newspapers before taking a position as correspondent for BBC World, working out of Brussels, Dubai, Frankfurt, London and New York. 
He began working for Fox News in 2007, covering international news for Fox News Channel,, and often contributing to business and economic coverage for Fox Business Network.