Saturday, 24 January 2015

Bob Marley's 2015 Bash Come One Come All

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Iconic peacemaker, singer, and songwriter Bob Marley would have been 70 years old this February, and as the world prepares to remember his legacy, his home country of Jamaica is set to make history by hosting the 23rd annual Bob Marley Birthday Bash. A city-wide party scheduled for February 1 through 6, 2015, Marley’s birthday event will be a time of joy and remembrance for those in attendance.

This year’s celebration promises to be particularly special. To the anticipation of fans worldwide, Marley’s family is unveiling private footage at this year’s event, which features a live show of Bob Marley and the Wailers in 1978. Marley’s 1984 release, Legend, reached a top 5 spot on the Billboard charts in 2014, which serves as a testament to his continued influence and importance in popular culture.

Held in Negril, Marley’s upcoming birthday celebration is attracting visitors from around the world who wish to experience the essence of reggae’s godfather, taste a variety of tropical food, and absorb the sounds and sights of local culture. The six-day event kicks off February 1, 2015 in partnership with the Bob Marley Foundation, and promises to keep attendees jammin’.

Once the party officially begins, guests will enjoy the sounds of lively local drummers during the Rastafari Nyabinghi Presentation, followed by five nights of colorful parties, tribute bands, and festivals. Considering the event is commemorating the future face of the world’s first marijuana brand, guests will have a large selection of foods from which to choose. Concluding with the all-day One Love Celebration, Bob Marley’s Birthday Bash will welcome fans and celebrities alike.

Did Rihanna Invite

Leonardo DiCaprio To Barbados To Meet Her Family?

Rihanna and Leonardo DiCaprio seem to be taking their alleged relationship to the next level! The ‘Stay’ singer wants the actor to go with her to Barbados to meet her family, a new report claims. Is an engagement right around the corner?!
Leonardo DiCaprio, 40, and Rihanna, 26, have allegedly been hooking up for a weeks, a new report claims, and it’s getting pretty serious. Rihanna’s actually very “smitten” with the Titanic star and she’s reportedly ready to take him home to meet her family!

Leonardo DiCaprio’s Meeting Rihanna’s Family — She Invited Him To Barbados
“Rihanna doesn’t bring a guy home unless she really likes him,” a source told InTouch magazine. “This is a sign she adores him.”

Rihanna more than adores Leonardo, though, the magazine claims.

“She’s always thought he was cute. She loves his look, his sweet smile and his little nose,” the source said.

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Do you like the idea of Rihanna and Leonardo DiCaprio dating?
That’s so adorable!